Wrong Men was founded in 2009, in Athens by Alexandra Boussiou and Benoit Roland, both film producers. It is a company dedicated to the development and production of arthouse feature films, short films and political documentaries. In 2012, they launched a new company in Brussels. With a contiuous presence in international festivals and markets and with a strong network in European film markets for the past decade, Alexandra Boussiou and Benoît Roland are focusing mailnly in International co productions with a global appeal.



Benoit Roland


Benoît Roland travaille dans le milieu du cinéma depuis plus de 10 ans. Il fonde Wrong Men en 2012 avec l’ambition d’accompagner une génération d’auteurs et réalisateurs belges dont le talent est inversément proportionnel à l’âge. Sans oublier les projets internationaux qu’il affectionne particulièrement.

Il a (co-)produit des long-métrages (Préjudice d’Antoine Cuypers, Parasol de Valéry Rosier, Pilgrimage de Brendan Muldowney, Good Favour de Rebecca Daly, Dode Hoek de Nabil Ben Yadir,...), des documentaires (Babel Express de Valéry Rosier, Wrong Elements de Jonathan Littell, Inkotanyi de Christophe Cotteret,...), et une ribambelle de courts-métrages.

Benoît est également fondateur et directeur de l’Atelier 210, une salle de spectacle et de concerts bruxelloise.


Alexandra Boussiou

Head of development

Alexandra Boussiou grew up in the eighties. In Athens it was the golden age of VHS rentals. An only child with working parents, she was brought up mainly by the VHS player. Her parents didn’t believe in parental guidance when it came to films, so she discovered a wide range of melodramas, slapstick comedies and thrillers by the age of 12. She has studied Transmedia for Arts, Film and Design in Sint Lukas University in Brussels, Opera performance, Accounting and Finance and is an EAVE 2010 graduate and an ACE member since 2012.

She is a member of the European Film Academy and an awarded member of the Greek Film Academy. She adores watching films, developing scripts, working on characters; She is completely bored of safe, office work. She loves film sets and can be very creative when it comes to organizing contracts, money and crews for a noble cause. She gets very proud when she works in films she likes very much.



Guillaume Schuermans

Production coordinator

Natacha Gilson

Line Producer